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Inter-University Certificate in Psycho-Oncology

The CPO contributes to the Inter-University Certificate in Psycho-Oncology organized by the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in partnership with the Universities of Liège and Mons. The certificate course is for holders of a Degree or Master’s in Psychology and Doctors specializing in psychiatry working in healthcare with clinical experience in psycho-oncology and/or interns in this field. It provides training in psycho-oncology centred around care services to patients and those close to them. This is the first French-speaking Belgian inter-university training programme dedicated to psycho-oncology. It was developed based on recommendations by a consortium of experts formed as part of the 2012-2015 National Cancer Plan.


Oncology is a constantly changing field in which care providers are required to continuously update their medical, social and psychological knowledge.

The training is designed to enable participants to develop their theoretical, relational, diagnostic, psychotherapeutic and research competencies in the field of psycho-oncology.

The theoretical concepts underlying the training integrate psychodynamic-psychoanalytical, systemic-family and cognitive-behavioural models.

The training includes theoretical aspects, 2 x 450 hours of practical training (or the equivalent in professional practice), individual and group supervision sessions (clinical and research) and an end-of-course assignment.

It is also mutually enriching in terms of contact with other psycho-oncologists and health professionals working in oncology.

Practical information

The Inter-University Certificate in Psycho-Oncology (ULB, UMONS, ULg) is a training course leading to certification. It is a two-year course intended exclusively for holders of a Degree or Master’s in Psychology. It is currently subsidized by the National Cancer Plan. Applicants may benefit from a grant under certain conditions.


With the financial support of the National Cancer Plan, Action 7.2.

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