Three intervention options

The care and training activities can be arranged in different ways to best meet your needs.

The interventions can be provided in the form of video conferences to minimize inconveniences associated with travel

Care and training activities can take place at the Centre

The CPO provides in-home interventions for patients and interventions in health care facilities for health professionals

Our missions

  • Develop research projects with the objective of broadening knowledge about oncology-related issues and optimizing the quality of care and teaching
  • Train health professionals in issues specific to oncology and patient-care provider relations
  • Offer patients and close people psychological support interventions to help them manage oncology-related issues


The CPO adopts a rigorous scientific framework for its care and teaching activities and its research mission is therefore a fundamental obligation. The care and coaching projects combine innovation with humanity and are based around the most recent knowledge in psycho-oncology. A great many activities offered by the Centre are integrated into research projects aiming to extend development of this knowledge in order to respond to the needs of individuals in the most appropriate and useful way.


The CPO’s mission is to provide training on the most recent developments in the field of psycho-oncology. It arranges individual or group training and supervision services for all those working in oncology. It has considerable expertise in training on communication and contributes to the Inter-University Certificate in Psycho-Oncology organized by the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in partnership with the Universities of Liège and Mons.

Care services

The CPO’s main mission is to support patients and/or those close to them to help prevent and manage the difficulties encountered during or after cancer treatment. The objective is improvement of psychological well-being and quality of life with respect for the individuality, priorities and beliefs of each person. It offers psychological support interventions for individuals, couples, families or groups. The interventions can be short or longer-term depending on the needs and wishes of those involved.

Our team