Centre de Psycho Oncologie

Activity - relatives

Spaces for children


The onset of cancer and its treatments can have significant impacts on all family members.

The children’s space has several objectives:

-enable the child to express him/herself through various media (games, drawing, etc.) in the presence of professionals.

-support the child/parent relationship

-encourage meeting other children who are experiencing or have experienced a similar situation

-demystify hospitals

We offer:

A space specifically for children is made available by CPO psychologists every Wednesday afternoon at the Bordet Institute and at the Erasmus Hospital.

They are places for play supervised by professionals, for children from 3 to 12 years (and exceptionally for adolescents) with a close person who has cancer (or who has died with cancer).

Practical information

The spaces are open every Wednesday from 14.00 to 18.00 including school holidays, except for official public holidays. No appointment is necessary and the service is free.

Ideally, at the time of the first visit we introduce the supervisors and the children’s space. Next one of the psychologists talks to the parent who has brought the child along. This talk is summarized with both child and parent present. A summary of what has happened in the children’s space is constructed with the child for the parent or parent figure when he/she comes to pick up the child. Psycho-educational recommendations may be made.



With the financial support of the Friends of the Bordet Institute, the COCOM and the Erasmus Hospital.