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“Receiving support and giving better support”

The onset of cancer and its treatments have impacts on patients, those around them (spouse, children, carers, siblings, etc.) and on their personal relationships. This often results in upheavals which affect various aspects of everyday life. The Psycho-Oncology Centre offers consultations where the patient and his or her close person can talk about their needs and consider together how best to communicate them so that optimal solutions can be found.


Cancer and cancer treatments have significant impacts not only for patients but also for those close to the patient. It therefore seems useful that professionals can offer support on dealing with this emotionally difficult situation.

We offer:

A psychological support programme designed specifically for couples to help the patient and his or her partner improve their communication.

In practice:

The programme is for all patients suffering from cancer, irrespective of the stage of the disease, its body location or the time elapsed since the initial diagnosis, and for those close to the sufferer who may be within or outside the family circle. The following people are temporarily excluded from the programme: any patient or person close to the patient with an acute psychiatric disorder or cognitive impairment preventing smooth running of the programme and necessitating an individual service.

The programme is led by specialist psychologists who work in oncology clinics.


With the financial support of the COCOM.

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