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Parenting support

Cancer and cancer treatments can give rise to uncertainties or difficulties in terms of parenting, for both parent-patients and other parents or parent figures. When cancer is diagnosed, parents have many concerns about how to talk about it with their children. During and after the illness, they worry about the impact on their children and their well-being. The CPO offers consultations focusing on the impact of cancer on parenting, at any stage of the illness, for patients and those close to them, individually or together.


Cancer and its treatments impact on patients at different levels - physical, psychological, organizational, existential, relational and so on. Most patients who are parents also have specific concerns associated with the impact of the illness on their child and the support to be given to the child. The same applies to other parents or parent figures.

We offer:

An intervention comprising 4 consultations for the patient and his or her family, focusing on the impact of the cancer on the family, parental concerns and the support to be given to children.

Practical information

The patient and/or those close to the patient can make the request directly or through the intermediary of a third person (close person or care staff member). The person will then be contacted to clarify the expectations and arrange practical details.


With the financial support of the COCOM.

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