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Group interventions for patients with metastatic cancer (secondary cancer)

The progression of cancer very often involves a chronic form of the disease, secondary treatments and side effects. The person is faced with multiple uncertainties and very difficult periods of adjustment. Adjusting psychologically, managing physical symptoms, feeling concern for close people, raising questions about medical decisions, the meaning of their life or their spirituality, often entail profound emotional challenges. These group interventions are designed to help with adjustment to the illness and to the treatments through sharing experiences and learning techniques to better regulate the emotions.


Living with the disease and the treatments can have significant impacts on patients’ everyday lives at physical, psychological, family, professional or existential levels. Patients may be faced with physical symptoms, difficult thoughts and emotions, concerns for those close to them or existential or spiritual questions. In addition, uncertainty about the future and being involved in complex medical decisions can give rise to emotional challenges that are sometimes hard to manage alone or with those around them.

Learning to better regulate the emotions can help patients adjust more easily to the difficulties associated with the disease and the treatments.

We offer:

A group psychological support intervention comprising 8 sessions to help patients, through sharing experiences and learning stress management techniques, with better management of their emotions during the illness. The group sessions are preceded by an individual consultation with a psychologist.

Practical information

The group sessions are free of charge, led by psychologists and intended for anyone aged 18 years and over being monitored for metastatic cancer, whether receiving treatment or not currently receiving treatment.

The group session times are arranged to suit the participants’ availability.


With the financial support of the COCOM and the COCOF.

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