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The onset of cancer and its treatments have impacts on patients and those close to them at different levels - physical, psychological, organizational, existential and relational.

The objective of the psychological support consultations is to help with adjustment and/or address difficulties, in the different stages of the disease: early-stage, diagnosis stage, treatment stage, post-treatment stage, recurrence, palliative stage.

We offer:

The CPO offers a broad range of psycho-medical-social services in an integrative and personalized way to address the needs associated with the many changes that cancer gives rise to in patients’ everyday lives. The CPO offers such interventions for individuals, couples or family groups. The purpose of these consultations is to prevent, manage or modulate the impact on patients’ daily lives of symptoms such as pain, fatigue or sleep disruption. They aim to address feelings of depression or anxiety and help people manage often fluctuating and intense emotions. They also aim to offer opportunities to talk in situations where existential issues can be broached. The CPO consultants employ different therapeutic approaches at various levels (psycho-dynamic, cognitive-behavioural, systemic, hypnosis, etc.).

Practical information

The CPO offers consultations in its premises, in-home or using video conferencing for adults with cancer or who have had cancer and/or those close to them.

Contact person:

The Psycho-Oncology Centre Secretariat on 02/538.03.27

Email: secrétariat@psycho-oncologie.be